Poniżej znajdują referencje od klientów oraz uczestników moich szkoleń. Z racji, że są one udzielone w języku angielskim – pozostawiłem je w oryginale.

Wallapop – Barcelona, Spain

I decided to invest in this training because we need to handle with legacy code and this is a good way to improve the team's refactor skills. Past the course those are some sentences of my staff members:..
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Josep Ferrer Boix - VP of Engineering at Wallapop 27th Luty 2019

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JBCNConf 2016-2019 Workshops Feedback (Barcelona)

Włodek Krakowski has been delivering his refactoring workshops at JBCNConf continuously year by year since 2016. The classes are always full of attendees... Read whole testimonial

JBCNConf - Refactoring Workshop Attendees 30th Czerwiec 2019

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Ocado Technology – UK, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria

Włodek Krakowski during 4 years in Ocado provided his trainings throughout different offices of Ocado mainly in United Kingdom, Poland but also in Spain and Bulgaria offices.

- Effective Refactoring : 37 times for 390 developers
- Refactoring to Patterns 14 times and 133 developers Read whole testimonial

Łukasz Brzezowski - Head of Ocado Technology Kraków 1st Kwiecień 2019

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Sabre Academy for students in Krakow, Poland

Włodek demonstrated great skills as a trainer, but also exceptional commitment to the whole project, dedicating many hours - also of his own time - to prepare and deliver the trainings for students. Read whole testimonial

Grzegorz Kwaśnik - Lead Recruiter at Sabre 16th Styczeń 2014

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I had a chance to try everything in practice

I had an impression that even one minute during the whole day of training wasn't a waste of time... Read whole testimonial

Katarzyna Duma - IT Team Leader, Ocado Technology 8th Maj 2019

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Highly sought-after workshop in our company

This highly sought-after workshop has undeniably benefited many teams in our company, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to attend it! Hands-down one of the most useful workshops I have attended as a developer. Read whole testimonial

Radostina Antonova - Software Engineer at Ocado Technology 20th Wrzesień 2016

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Complex ideas conveyed in clear and concise manner

I have attended two two-days trainings led by Wlodek. Both were great. Wlodek managed to convey complex ideas in clear and concise manner. Both trainings not only provided me with well served portion of knowledge but were also inspiring and I was motivated to look for more. I can recommend Wlodek as a very good Read whole testimonial

Marcin Rabiej - Software Development Team Lead 18th Luty 2014

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Influential Trainer

Włodek gave me a solid ground to change my programming style and code improvement. Wlodek encouraged people to change old habits. He has impressive knowledge about design patterns and refactoring. Read whole testimonial

Dorota Olszewska (formerly Jajkowska) - Team Lead at Sabre Corporation 6th Luty 2014

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Code base split into many checkpoints

If someone couldn't follow up in one section, he could align with the rest of the group starting from the next planned checkpoint which was very helpful... Read whole testimonial

Jakub Karbowiak - Software Engineer, Ocado Technology 26th Listopad 2018

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Observations of non-participant

Individuals who attended were coming back with brilliant inspiration of productivity improvements and real world applicable examples where truly mastering your coding tool makes you a much more competent developer... Read whole testimonial

Daniel Stoner - Senior Software Engineer at Ocado Technology 24th Maj 2018

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I was surprised by the amount of new things I learned

I had a pleasure to recently attend Wlodek's training on code refactoring which I found to be informative, very well organized and executed. Wlodek is a very energetic with a can do attitude person which was evident throughout the entire training. He was very keen on helping others to fully comprehend all the topics discussed Read whole testimonial

Adrian Sosialuk - Senior Software Engineer at Ocado Technology 19th Grudzień 2018

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JBCNConf 2017 Learning and thoughts

Wlodek was so fast and I was so slow, that I finally gave up the workshop, and I decided to enjoy watching Wlodek working on a huge test refactoring. It was amazing the ability of Wlodek, and how he masters TDD and refactoring... Read whole testimonial

Mike Gonzalez - Software Developer in Barcelona 23rd Sierpień 2017

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High speed sign-up for a training…

I've registered immediately (like 10 seconds) after receiving an e-mail about the training, and I was already 5th at the list... Read whole testimonial

Piotr Krokowski - Team Lead Java Developer at Sabre 17th Luty 2014

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Not getting bored even one minute during 2 days…

I was not get bored even one minute during whole 2 days course. I was impressed how many PRACTICAL information you can learn in such a short time. Read whole testimonial

Ziemonit Stolarczyk - Java Sortware Developer at Sabre 13th Luty 2014

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Passion for learning and teaching that goes beyond the classroom

Wlodek possesses a passion for learning and teaching that goes beyond the classroom. As an engineer, he has a proven track record for his ability to deliver high quality, relevant software. As a teacher, he is highly effective at taking concepts and demonstrating them to the engineering community... Read whole testimonial

Susan Finch - Director, Technology Training at Sabre Holdings 14th Styczeń 2014

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