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Refactoring VLog Series
Discover new techniques and look for inspirations to change your legacy code to be clean one as well. Download the sample sources and do it by yourself when following the trainer!

Daily Refactoring of Legacy Code
Take part in 3 days workshop focused on daily refactoring of Legacy Code. It includes basics of code refactoring up to applying design patterns into your legacy code.

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Give it a chance and join one of 2 hours long recorded courses focused on basics of code refactoring. You will get cornerstone knowledge about refactoring techniques to keep your legacy code extendable and testable.

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Since 2014, I have given lectures and workshops on legacy code refactoring and technical debt reduction at over 10 conferences.

 Newest Articles 
  • What is the root cause of missing code refactoring?
    Have you ever tried to find the root of a problem instead of constantly fighting the consequences? When we work on eliminating the symptoms without knowing the cause – the problem comes back like a boomerang. So where is the reason for the growing technical debt and missing code refactoring? Why don’t we refactor into…
  • How to refactor tests towards fluent assertion pattern?
    What are Clean Tests? The Clean Code rules apply equally to the production code and the test code. Therefore you should clean your test code every time when you write or modify tests. As a result, you will begin to notice opportunities for performing refactoring right after adding a new test into your legacy code.…
  • How to change procedural code into object-oriented one?
    What style should Clean Code be written in? Clean Code is not always object-oriented. Sometimes it will be written in procedural style. So what style is better: procedural or object-oriented? We should perform the choice under given conditions which facilitates its development and readability – in accordance with the principles of Clean Code. Below is…
  • Why Pyramid structure supports Refactoring?
    If you haven’t read the blogs about history of Refactoring Pyramid that help to keep Clean Code read below articles first. Sometimes people ask the question why I’ve chosen the pyramid as a way in which I described my approach to refactoring. There are many other concepts on how and when to refactor. Each of…
  • How to promote Clean Code within Scrum/Kanban process?
    This time I would like to take a look at how teams support code quality in their software development processes. I will analyze some stages of such processes and check how the explicit presence of individual steps in Kanban Board / Scrum Board can supports the maintenance of Clean Code in teams and organizations. Below…
  • How SOLID Principles support refactoring?
    This article complements the subject of cleaning code by explaining connections between the Refactoring Pyramid and Uncle Bob’s SOLID principles. We will see how each of SOLID rules acts as basement for each level in the pyramid. We will end up at the top level of architectures. In my previous post I explained levels of…