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Refactoring to Clean Code

Do you want to achieve the results of your work faster?

I will teach you how to save time & money by keeping your code clean,
easy to read and easy to change.

What is the root cause of missing code refactoring?

Have you ever tried to find the root of a problem instead of constantly fighting the consequences? When we work...
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How to refactor tests towards fluent assertion pattern?

What are Clean Tests? The Clean Code rules apply equalfly to the production code and the test code. So do...
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How to change procedural code into object-oriented one?

What style should Clean Code be written in? Clean Code is not always object-oriented. Sometimes it will be written in...
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Why Pyramid structure supports Refactoring?

If you haven't read the blogs about history of Refactoring Pyramid that help to keep Clean Code read below articles...
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How to promote Clean Code within Scrum/Kanban process?

This time I would like to take a look at how teams support code quality in their software development processes....
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How SOLID Principles support refactoring?

This article complements the subject of cleaning code by explaining connections between the Refactoring Pyramid and Uncle Bob's SOLID principles....
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How to clean code according to refactoring pyramid?

In this post I would like to show you “Refactoring Pyramid in Practice” to clean your code. In order to...
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How Pyramid of Refactoring was disovered?

General principles, patterns - at one side allow us to tidy up knowledge, use common approach when solving certain kind...
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Why code refactoring gives all kind of balance?

Competitive refactoring definition Refactoring is nothing more than a way and a technique to keep the balance enabling the continuation...
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Team’s autonomy by example

Recently I wrote an article about autonomy in a nutshell. It is based on setting up boundaries of responsibilities between...
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Team’s Autonomy

In case of struggling with care for code quality (most likely with lack of time to do this) then high...
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What drives a team to continue refactoring to Clean Code?

Hierarchy impedes team empowering Some time ago I wrote a post on introducing code refactoring sessions to the team. For...
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How to begin refactoring code in a team?

Quality Dream It seems obvious that each team would like to have source code that is quick to readunderstandmodifyextend I...
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