Code base split into many checkpoints

I have recently attended the “Refactoring to Patterns” training led by Włodek Krakowski. Please check www.refactoring.pl for more details. The workshop was very well prepared. We were working on a code base which was split to many checkpoints (if someone couldn’t follow up in one section, he could align with the rest of the group starting from the next planned checkpoint which was very helpful).

Włodek was very well prepared. He could remember every single transformation in the code without using any notes (at least I had such impression). At some points he decided to improvise because he has spotted some new ways how code could be refactored.

I also liked the psychological and motivational parts of the training. For me, software engineer, the workshop was very useful and I have already started using new things I have learned there.

Source of recommendation

Jakub Karbowiak - Software Engineer, Ocado Technology 26th November 2018