Highly sought-after workshop in our company

Włodek’s Effective Refactoring Workshop is wonderful way to see and learn how to refactor and improve your code incrementally while keeping your tests passing and project working correctly.

I had the opportunity to attend this workshop in its one-day format. Włodek guided us through a set of pre-prepared code exercises that not only highlighted cases where refactoring is necessary, but also how important testing is for effective improvement of your code.

Furthermore, all participants loved his hands-on teaching approach – we found doing the refactoring exercises alongside Włodek to be a very valuable experience. Also, we were constantly encouraged to ask questions/make suggestions as well as determine the speed of progression through the exercises.

Although the workshop mainly consisted of practical exercises and application of refactoring patterns/approaches (as well as learing some new handy shortcuts in our IDEs), there was also time for discussing the more theoretical side of refactoring, its benefits, and what we could do to encourage the practice in our teams.

This highly sought-after workshop has undeniably benefited many teams in our company, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to attend it! Hands-down one of the most useful workshops I have attended as a developer.

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Radostina Antonova - Software Engineer at Ocado Technology 20th September 2016