High speed sign-up for a training…

To show how Włodek’s trainings were valuable and popular, I need to recall a story. I’ve tried to enroll to his courses twice, but I got out of luck and ended on the waitlist. On the third time I was highly motivated, so I stayed tuned for incoming opportunity. I’ve registered immediately (like 10 seconds) after receiving an e-mail about the training, and I was already 5th at the list…

But that’s just a story. In fact Włodek’s traning was extremely useful for me, and – without any exaggeration – I’m taking advantage of this training in my everyday job. For instance I’ve been recently refactoring some piece of code and skills gained thanks to Włodek’s training were extremely useful and fundamental for succeeding this task – not only to perform refactoring quite quickly, but also to make sure that I actually don’t change the desired behavior of the code during the refactoring… and also to have real fun!

Last but not least, Włodek focuses not only on hard skills, but gives the trainee the broad background, not only by transferring knowledge and developing skills by training, but trying to pass motivational and psychological background, to build good coding habits in participants.

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Piotr Krokowski - Team Lead Java Developer at Sabre 17th February 2014