JBCNConf 2017 Learning and thoughts

This workshop was about the importance to maintain your test in a good shape, and why you should do some refactoring also on your tests, not only on your production code. This may be something obvious when you hear of it, but not always you do refactoring on your test as your daily work.

Wlodek also talked about mastering your IDE, and knowing all the shortcuts and options your IDE gives you in order to do refactors with security and very quick.

I tried to follow the workshop, but Wlodek was so fast and I was so slow, that I finally gave up the workshop, and I decided to enjoy watching Wlodek working on a huge test refactoring. It was amazing the ability of Wlodek, and how he masters tdd and refactoring

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Mike Gonzalez - Software Developer in Barcelona 23rd August 2017