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Kraków – Poland, 1st April.2019

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Włodek Krakowski during 4 years of his employment as a Team Leader in Ocado provided his own refactoring trainings throughout different offices of Ocado, mainly in United Kingdom, Poland but also in Spain and Bulgaria offices.

These trainings were

  • Effective Refactoring – focused on starting from small refactoring steps that can be performed in daily manner presented together followed by ideas and discussions how to be effective in taking care of code quality every day.
    This training has been conducted 37 times and 390 developers in total have attended it.
  • Refactoring to Patterns – focused on design patterns which is further step in refactoring world that allows to take care of the design further by using proved patterns and making code more readable, concise and removing code duplicates.
    This training has been conducted 14 times and 133 developers in total have been trained.

Włodek provided these trainings as his own initiative within the company which may result in increase of code quality by

  • developers performing more small refactorings in daily manner
  • teams brainstorming more about code design and adding refactoring sessions into their software development workflows to perform bigger refactorings as well
  • sharing knowledge about code quality and refactoring throughout the company

It is worth mentioning that Python developers found it very useful as well. This is because the presented refactoring techniques performed in Java language occured to be also applicable to other tools they are using on daily basis.

The above statements are based on internal feedback collected from the attendees of the above trainings

Łukasz Brzezowski
Head of Ocado Technology Kraków

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Łukasz Brzezowski - Head of Ocado Technology Kraków 1st April 2019