Not getting bored even one minute during 2 days…

I had a pleasure to take a part in refactoring training which was led by Wlodek.

I need to say that it was the best training in my life. Perfect preparation and deep, deep knowledge. I received a huge amount of knowledge and practical remarks which I was able to use even next day in my work (and I did it)! If you ask me how high do I assess training’s quality in scale from 1 to 10? I will tell 11.

I was not get bored even one minute during whole 2 days course. I was impressed how many PRACTICAL information you can learn in such a short time. I wish I could work with Wlodek in one team someday. In my opinion he is a real treasure of practical knowledge so important in developer life.

Source of testimonial.

Ziemonit Stolarczyk - Java Sortware Developer at Sabre 13th February 2014