Dynatrace – Gdańsk, Poland

3rd December 2019

Dynatrace sp. z.o.o.
Aleja Grunwaldzka 411
80-309 Gdańsk

NIP : 584-208-80-50


Włodek Krakowski provided the Effective Refactoring workshop in our office Gdańsk, Poland in November 2019.  The training was rated very well and assessed to be recommended to other developers.

Here are some highlights gathered from attendee’s feedback

  • I really liked the politeness and openness of the trainer. He was always willing to help participants progress through the workshop. From a technical perspective, I think that performing tasks alongside the trainer is very effective. Also having separate projects for separate steps of the workshop works great for keeping everyone on the same page.
  • The rate/speed of learning was on an accurate level – it was tiring, but doable. A lot of practical knowledge about how to refactor in IntelliJ, not just a theory.
  • Example projects prepared for training and the fact that it had ‘checkpoints’ which are very helpful if you get lost or want to repeat part of the training.
  • I started work on a feature I am recently developing by doing a few refactoring commits and utilize what I learned during the workshop.

Grzegorz Majchrzak
Director of Engineering

Link to sources of testimonial (PDF)

Grzegorz Majchrzak - Director of Engineering 5th December 2019