Wallapop – Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona – Spain, 27th Feb 2019

Effective Refactoring Workshop recommendation

I decided to invest in this training because we need to handle with legacy code and this is a good way to improve the team’s refactor skills. Past the course those are some sentences of my staff members:

  • I really enjoyed the training, it’s packed with useful information and I think it helped me get a clearer picture of how we can do refactoring. Since I don’t use IntelliJ, I was interested more in learning what is effective refactoring, how it can be done, the general good practices, and I think that I received that through the course. In fact, I’m looking for a way to be able to do similar refactoring with VSCode for Javascript.
  • I guess the course was more about taking and starting the habit of refactoring instead of the techniques to do so.Wlodek told us how small steps and shortcuts, with clean code principles, can make such a big difference in such a small time. 100% recommended for new-comers to Wallapop. I believe it can become a repetitive course for experienced developers.
  • I think overall it was a really good course because of:
    – lots of practice (each attendee was practicing refactoring along with the trainer)

    – good guidance (even though I’m not used to working with IntelliJ I had no difficulties following the course)
    – brainstorming how to start with the smallest but regular refactorings and later make them bigger by embracing more codebase

Josep Ferrer Boix

VP of Engineering at Wallapop

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Josep Ferrer Boix - VP of Engineering at Wallapop 27th February 2019