VLog #01 : Procedural vs Object Oriented
Both types can be used to achieve clean code which is easy to understand and easy to modify… although the choice depends on direction when your need the extension to go!

VLog #02 : Making test code reusable
Treat your test code as a first class citizen. Keep it clean and easy to reuse. This way you end up with your tests being not only easy to understand but mainly easy to reuse!

VLog #03 : Fixing God Object Antipattern
Do you have one single place in your code which everyone knows about and criticise 24/7? Any bug is found there, any extension is placed there… Fix it then by dividing it into a few smaller classes which can be tested and modified independently!

VLog #04 : Delegation over inheritance
“Prefer delegation over inheritance” – have you heard this sentence? But why / what for? What are pros and cons of each approach – especially when you want to keep your code clean?