If you are ready for a revolution in your existing software and want to transform your career, I invite you to experience my workshops. Together we will discover how to make your code more effective, readable and user-friendly. You come as a programmer, you leave as a refactoring master.
Daily Refactoring of Legacy Code
Take part in 3 days workshop focused on daily refactoring of Legacy Code. It includes basics of code refactoring up to applying design patterns into your legacy code. This way you will keep technical debt under control.

Online Recorded Courses
Give it a chance and join one of 2 hours long recorded courses focused on basics of code refactoring. You will get cornerstone knowledge about refactoring techniques to keep your legacy code extendable and testable.

Refactoring VLog Series
Discover new techniques and look for inspirations to change your legacy code to be clean one as well. Download the sample sources and do it by yourself when following the trainer!

Conference Talks
Since 2014, I have given lectures and workshops on legacy code refactoring and technical debt reduction at over 10 conferences.