My trainings motto
In order to understand you need to experience. In order to grow you need to teach.
My trainings are workshops where each attendee performs exactly the same refactorings on their laptops that the trainers does live. This way you experience what you learn and you know you can grow in new skills only by sharing your new knowledge with others in your teams.
Scope of my trainings
All my trainings are focused on improving code quality with usage of refactoring techniques and strong focus on improving teamwork. My belief is that improving quality of code cannot be present only at level of technical skills – although it is a must have step. Principles of organizational work are also strongly reflected in final quality that our clients receive.
In order to make all changes permanent change need to start from the top of organization. This way good quality practices will be promoted as team habits. This is what I have experienced while working with lots of teams in lots of companies.
List of trainings
I have been delivering workshops about Clean Code and Refactoring for a few years. Here are the current ones.
In my spare time I am preparing next ones, but only such ones where refactoring subject is the key part. Examples then are : Working with Legacy Code and Test Driven Development.
These trainings are always composed of two parts (that are mixed). These are working with live code by its refactoring and all the challenges related to our approach / motivation and skills. This is because in order to use your skills you need to be motivated / willing to do so – which is often hard, especially when it comes to convincing / teaching the others.
Classroom size
My trainings are workshops – not lectures. Each attendee follows what the trainer does. This way each attendee requires attention when they ask trainer to repeat the previous refactoring steps or just to guide them again as they got lost.
Based on the above and experienced lots of times – while the number of attendees is bigger the amount of content we can go through is smaller. The suggested number of attendees is 10 people.
IDEs and Languages
Currently I provide trainings in Java language, but other languages languages like .NET, PHP or Python are waiting for its turn.
The workshops can be led using IntelliJ or Eclipse environment. Anyway the team needs to choose one tool to be used by all attendees as otherwise due to differences in their refactoring functionalities developers using IntelliJ would need to wait for the others as some refactorings are not automated (hopefully yet) in Eclipse.
Moreover the shortcuts for automated refactorings are different in these environments and repeating them twice throughout the day takes time.